Coko Brew Guide

A brew guide for iced Coko.
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Brewer Aeropress
Grind Fine (6 on Baratza Encore/Virtuoso/Preciso, 4 on EK43)
Ratio 20g Coffee, 180g Water
Water Temp 212°F
Brew Time 2:00
Yield 232g (including 95g ice)
TDS 1.5
  1. Assemble Aeropress and rinse filter. Add ice to the brewing chamber and add coffee to the Aeropress.

  2. Pour 50g of water over grounds, saturating the bed. Start your timer.

  3. Stir for 5 seconds and let sit for 25 seconds.

  4. Over the next 30 seconds, add the remaining 130g of water. Fix plunger over the top of the Aeropress to form a seal, but without pressing down.

  5. At 1:30, gently press over the next 30 seconds.

  6. Pour over ice and enjoy.