Collected sources truly extraordinary coffees.

Since our launch, we’ve brought our subscribers exclusive, one-of-a-kind microlots, Cup of Excellence winners, and outstanding (90 points and above) coffees. We can confidently say that we curate rare coffee experiences that defy expectations.

We partner with the best roasters around the world.

Unlike other services, Collected includes roasters beyond the United States and Europe. We’re not afraid of tackling prickly customs issues or high shipping costs. Our roasters have won major awards nationally and internationally and we continue to seek out the most accomplished roasters in other countries and continents without compromise.

We ship quickly and reliably.

All our coffee is express shipped from our roasters and we send it directly to our subscribers, with tracked shipment end to end.

We create original recipes tailored to our coffees each month.

Being technical is part of our vocabulary. We calibrate our water properly and use a refractometer and an EK43 to dial-in. Each of our recipes has been tested multiple times against a variety of methods.

We host one-on-one brewing workshops for all our subscribers.

Our free classes and consultations are comparable to other paid introductory programs.

We publish some of the most defining interviews in coffee.

Each month, we interview our roasters to understand their vision and process. Our conversations are distilled to produce pieces worth reading.

Our design reflects our commitment to quality and details.

We use our own packaging (though our coffee is never repackaged) and our own print materials. Each month’s booklets feature original essays on our coffee and roaster, as well as specific brewing instructions and a tasting guide. We use offset printing on letterpress paper and finish each package we send by hand.

Subscribe with us and you’ll see how we make a difference.