Collected Journal explores coffee culture around the world

Audun Sørbotten, Audun

"I get told a lot, 'You’re a chemist, so coffee must be really easy for you.' But it really doesn’t help. It’s the scientific mindset that is important."

Patrik Rolf, April

"I knew from the start that the world doesn't need another roastery and I will try my best to keep April from becoming just another roastery."

Erik Rosendahl, Kaffa

"I want to charge our customers less and pay our producers more. It might seem like a contradiction, but that’s the goal."

Kenji Kojima, Fuglen

"Tasting is the most important thing in roasting."

Nick Clark, Flight

"One of the talking points I find myself bringing up is our team. What we achieved in the last seven years is all due to people behind the scenes."

Rubens Gardelli, Gardelli

"It’s not about the country where the coffee’s from. It’s about the process, about how you ferment, how you dry, how you take care of the cherries."

Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood, Colonna

"We want to do creative things, interesting things, and exciting things. We've got clear vision of what we want to do and how we want to do it."

Anne Lunell, Koppi

"We are unwilling to compromise on quality, and we’ve been really vain about the coffees we’ve had."

Kentaro Maruyama, Maruyama

"I want to show people how great coffee is, and to do that I need to add value. It’s costly, but it’s necessary."

Yiannis Taloumis, Taf

"We stopped calling ourselves 'specialty' here because we don’t want to show that we’re fancy, we just want to show that we’re doing a good job."

Zoltán Kis, Casino Mocca

"I think what motivates me most is when I get a better cup in the city than what I could make for myself in the lab."

Esben Piper, La Cabra

"I do what I do because I can’t help myself, because I’m in love with it and because I’m super curious."

Elmer Oomkens & Francesco Grassotti, White Label

"Openness is really the core of who we are and what we do."

Andrew Kelly & Aaron Wood, Small Batch

"What that leaves us to focus on, apart from good service, is green coffee as the stage for all the future advances."

Ralf Rüller, The Barn

"We never consider ourselves to be fully trained or to know everything. To us this is a constant journey and we never arrive – which is very exciting."