Gahahe Brew Guide

A brew guide designed for Gahahe.
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Brewer Aeropress
Grind Medium (15 on Baratza Encore/Virtuoso/Preciso, 6.9 on EK43)
Ratio 17g coffee, 260g water
Water Temp 205°F
Brew Time 2:30
Yield 225g
TDS 1.40
Extraction 21.41%
  1. Once assembled, add ground coffee to the rinsed filter.
  2. Pour 50g of water over the grounds, saturating the bed. Start your timer.
  3. Stir the bed so that all grounds are evenly wet. After stirring, let it sit until the timer reads 30 seconds.
  4. Over the next 30 seconds, add the remaining 250g of water. Once added, fix the plunger onto the top of the Aeropress to form a seal, but do not press down. Let sit until the time reads 1:30.
  5. At 1:30, gently press down over one minute. Remove Aeropress, stir coffee, and enjoy.