French Press

The French Press brews comforting, full-bodied coffee and is a simple way to make coffee for several people.
Brew Time 4:00
Yield 12, 24, or 48oz brewed coffee
Grind Coarse (30 on the Barazta Encore/Virutoso/Preciso)
Ratio 25g of coffee, 380g of water
55g of coffee, 850g of water
85g of coffee, 1250g of water
Water Temp 212°F
  1. Add coffee grounds and hot water.
  2. Stir to fully saturate the grounds and then place the lid on. Keep the filter just below the surface to make sure that all coffee is submerged.
  3. After four minutes, press the filter down. Either fully decant or pour out all servings to avoid overextracting the coffee.