Finca La Fortuna

Roasted byThe Barn

Finca La Fortuna

Coffee Huila, Colombia
Neir Guarnizo
1800 meters
Roaster The Barn
Berlin, Germany
Tasting Notes Plum jam. Blackberry. Floral.

Finca La Fortuna rests on a mountainside in Huila, Colombia. The terrain in Huila is rocky with mineral-rich, volcanic soil, creating a region of varying altitudes and geography. In Huila, it is possible for neighboring lots of the same varietal to yield coffees that taste entirely different, a testament to the array of microclimates that dot the region.

Producer Neir Guarnizo, owner of Finca La Fortuna, works closely in collaboration with sourcing companies Nordic Approach and the Coocentral Coop. Together, their collaboration improves the quality of life of participating farmers in addition to the quality of their coffees.

Finca La Fortuna's output is very small; Ralf Rüller, owner of The Barn in Berlin, purchased the entire microlot. We're proud to present to you this singular and exemplary offering from Finca La Fortuna.