Roasted byKoppi

Biftu Gudina

Coffee Agaro, Ethiopia
Biftu Gudina Cooperative
Mixed Heirloom & Native 1274
2000 meters
Roaster Koppi
Helsingborg, Sweden
Tasting Notes Panettone. Blueberry compote. Sage.

This month we’re pleased to bring you Biftu Gudina, an exquisite Ethiopian coffee roasted by Koppi in Helsingborg, Sweden. 

Biftu Gudina, which means “bright ray of growth” in its native Amharic language, is surrounded by rich soils, flowering plants, and hundreds of heirloom varietals from wild forests. Scoring over 91 points, it is one of the finest examples of Ethiopian coffee in recent memory, with delicate, floral aromatics and a crisp, effervescent acidity. 

The new co-op was established just four years ago as a part of a Technoserve initiative to improve local livelihoods and produce premium specialty coffee in the process. In addition to the washing station of Biftu Gudina, new roads were built to facilitate transport of coffee, new processing equipment was purchased, and a new and innovative system of waste water filtration instilled.  

The coffee was roasted by Koppi, a roaster from the coastal town of Helsingborg in southern Sweden. Founded by Anne Lunell and Charles Nystrand in 2007, both were Swedish Barista Champions and renowned coffee professionals before they began roasting. In the nine years since, Koppi has become the ultimate loved Scandinavian roaster: solid in reputation, and known for their quality, consistency, and attention to detail.  

Biftu Gudina has initial floral aromatics of magnolia and orange zest, especially as dry fragrance. It transforms into notes of gingersnaps and sage on the finish; acidity rounds out as the coffee rests, and lingers as blueberry preserves on the palate. Whereas Ethiopians tend to have a very light, tea-like mouthfeel, Biftu Gudina has an expansive, chewy, cake-like body. Combined with soft dark fruit notes and spices, it’s reminiscent of the ultimate celebratory Christmas dessert – pannetone.