El Liquidambo

Roasted byColonna

El Liquidambo

Coffee El Liquidambo
Guadalupe Rodriguez
Roaster Colonna
Bath, United Kingdom
Tasting Notes Apple crumble. Sticky toffee pudding. Golden kiwifruit.

Grown in a temperate valley of pine and oak forests, El Liquidambo won over hundreds of other competitors in a blind tasting, and a 41-member jury awarded the coffee the coveted Honduran Cup of Excellence for its round, juicy sweetness.

El Liquidambo was produced by Guadalupe Rodriguez and his family in the village of Pozo Negro in western Honduras. Everyone, including his adult children and their families, participated in the harvesting, production, and processing of the coffee. This is the second time in two years Rodriguez has entered and won the Cup of Excellence after a lifetime dedicated to growing coffee.

Beyond its exquisite taste, El Liquidambo is notable as the crown of the Lempira varietal. A sub-variety of Catimor native to Honduras, Lempira was originally developed to be high yielding and disease resistant. Such hardy varieties tend to be of poor quality, but this coffee has transcended its stereotype to score a stunning 88 points at the Cup of Excellence.