Roasted byAudun


Coffee Kirinyaga, Kenya
New Ngariama Cooperative Society
SL28 & SL34
1750 meters
Roaster Audun
Bydgoszcz, Poland
Tasting Notes Sugarcane. Lychee. Elderflower.

From the peak of Kenya’s coffee growing season is this perfect embodiment of Kenyan coffee. Kainamui’s lush AA beans are jammy sweet, bright, and tart, with the intense aroma of the tropics. As with its sister coffee, Kamwangi, Kainmaui was grown on the slopes of Mount Kenya in an ideal climate of warm days and cool nights. Its cherries were handpicked, fermented, and washed in the clean tributaries where it was grown.

In these pristine lands, antelopes, elephants, and buffalos still roam and coffee trees grow in unison with macadamia and eucalyptus trees.1,800 smallholder farmers contribute to Kainamui, and after meticulously sorting by quality and grade, these cherries represent the nest of the crop. Sourced by Nordic Approach and processed in a neighboring washing station, Kainamui presents a stunning contrast to Kamwangi, with pronounced flavors and a boldness that will enliven your hot summer.