Introducing Ana Lucia

Ana Lucia is from Anatoli La Mesa, Colombia. Roasted by Taf in Athens, Greece.
Coffee Anatoli La Mesa, Colombia
La Palma y El Tucan
Lactic Fermentation
1560 meters
Roaster Taf
Athens, Greece
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Tasting Notes Tokaji. Zante currants. Condensed milk.
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Grown in the lush and biodiverse eastern range of the Colombian Andes Mountains, Ana Lucia is a carefully tendered microlot coffee that has undergone lactic fermentation, a difficult, unusual, and largely experimental process, but when done correctly creates unparalleled complexity. After depulping, Ana Lucia rests in a tank and is treated with a controlled release of oxygen so that lactobacillales can gently ferment and facilitate the intensely sweet, creamy textures, and winey acidity in the coffee. 

Ana Lucia, the grower the coffee is named after, has been growing coffee for more than 36 years and learned traditional coffee growing techniques from her grandparents. She partners with La Palma y El Tucan, an estate farm which has one of most innovative processing facilities in the world. In addition to highly experienced pickers and a stringent attentiveness to quality control, La Palma y El Tucan offers an advanced mechanical drum that dries the coffee and a state-of-the-art wet mill powered by solar energy.

This coffee was roasted by Taf, which was founded more than a decade ago by Yiannis Taloumis. Today, Taf is known for its extensive selection of rare and exceptional coffees. For Yiannis, quality is a matter of principle, and he has continued to roast 90 plus, Geisha, and Heirloom coffees even in the uncertainty of the Greek economy. Taf has established direct trade with growers around the world, and has an especially significant history with La Palma y El Tucan; three years ago, they worked together to create an extremely unusual picolot of a Typica and Red Bourbon cross.

To date, Taf has also produced three national Brewer’s Cup champions, a national Barista’s Cup Champion, one world Brewer’s Cup Champion, and Yiannis himself has been awarded two SCAE awards (for Innovation in 2011 and a Lifetime Achievement Award in 2014).

Ana Lucia is one of the most unique coffees we have ever tasted – mouth-filling and creamy sweet, Ana Lucia is a departure from the summer’s delicate, bright African coffees. Each sip luxuriates in the mouth, like the expansive dessert wines of Tokaji and Sauternes. Ana Lucia has a supreme sweetness cut with the soft acidity of Zante currants, and finishes with a hint of lingering currant jam folded into condensed milk.

While most coffees sacrifice one attribute for another, Ana Lucia combines everything we love about coffee into a single cup. Well-balanced like most Colombians, the coffee also features a lot of commonly contrasting flavor profiles – delicate but full-bodied, intense but flavorful, complex but comforting and infinitely drinkable. Its exquisite taste is the result of lactic fermentation, which brings about a sweet, creamy texture, and winey acidity to the coffee.