Introducing Finca La Fortuna

Finca La Fortuna is a microlot coffee from Huila, Colombia. Roasted by The Barn, Berlin.
Coffee Huila, Colombia
Neir Guarnizo
1800 meters
Roaster The Barn
Berlin, Germany
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Tasting Notes Plum jam. Blackberry. Floral.
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An estate of just two hectares, Finca La Fortuna lies on a mountainside in Tarqui, a region of Huila, Colombia. Tarqui has not traditionally been popular with coffee farmers as its undulating topography makes crop growth difficult. True to its name, Finca La Fortuna has the good fortune of being seated in a valley with a favorable microclimate, where a gentle wind dries the coffee consistently and evenly.

Neir Guarnizo, owner of Finca La Fortuna, takes part in the Premium Project, an initiative that has enabled him to grow his coffee in a conscious and sustainable way. Each of Finca La Fortuna’s coffee cherries is picked and sorted for ripeness. After being washed, the coffee dries in small batches inside the farm’s parabolic dryers.

This Caturra from Finca La Fortuna scored a well-deserved 90 points. From the minerality of the soil to the high altitude and ideal climate, every aspect of Finca La Fortuna’s growth and harvesting has contributed to its nuanced, complex flavor. Finca La Fortuna's output is very small and The Barn purchased the entire microlot of this coffee.

In the six years since its inception, The Barn has earned a reputation as one of the most admired coffee institutions in the world. With two locations in Berlin, a café and a café-roastery, The Barn is the project of Ralf Rüller, a financier turned roaster, and is known for its purist approach and pursuit of excellence.

Each season, The Barn sources fresh, single-origin coffees and roasts to showcase their unique flavor profiles. This is the first time The Barn has procured coffee from Finca La Fortuna, and Ralf will visit the estate this fall as part of an ongoing effort to engage directly with farmers.

Finca La Fortuna is unlike any other Colombian coffee, and in featuring this unusual estate, The Barn continues to exceed expectations. In addition, The Barn began projects this year analyzing brew water quality across eight countries and experimenting with a custom build Probat UG-22 roaster. From sourcing to execution, The Barn seeks to constantly innovate.

Finca La Fortuna’s intense aroma of sweet, dark stone fruit surpassed all other coffees on the cupping table. Reminiscent of ripe plums bursting at their skins, the coffee is more akin to its East African counterparts than any Colombian in recent memory.

Finca La Fortuna is dense, and its roast profile, while light, is fully developed. This versatile coffee embraces a higher extraction and shines on any brew method. We recommend increasing the amount of water to boost extraction; this allows for more clarity in the cup while giving the expansive flavors room to breathe.

We like Finca La Fortuna best as a V60 brewed at a coffee to water ratio of 1:17, and at a lower strength of 1.35 TDS. We chose a V60 to naturally accentuate the coffee’s brighter characteristics. Pour in pulses to lengthen the contact time, but use slightly cooler water at 200°F to control the rate of extraction. As the coffee cools, its blackberry notes give way to brown sugar sweetness.